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may 16, 2022 

i’m uninspired truly. i can’t create the things i really want and it makes me not want to create at all. 


may 18th, 2022 

when i turned 18 I thought that was the worst year of the year of my life, but year 24 is actually beating my ass. at the moment i feel like I'm on autopilot. Part of me is waiting for the "old me" to come back but I'm starting to believe she is gone forever. i damn near don't even know who is looking back at me when I look in the mirror. i scare myself.


june 14th, 2022
2:34 am

public can be better.

it's time for something new. i'm tired of doing the same thing... i want to create something that will inspire generations. 


june 18th, 2022
3:00 pm

i love eu-eu. that’s my best friend for life, i wouldn’t be here without her. 


july 6th, 2022
4:54 am

without my members i am nothing. i love you.


aug 15th, 2022
11:45 pm

sometimes you have to destroy to rebuild, i feel a new beginning starting now.


aug 23, 2022

4:42 pm

i want to make something that will last forever. 


sep 13, 2022


it feels so crazy to have all these people wearing my clothes this is really everything to me. 

the youth is public. 


sep 15, 2022

12:45 am

i remember when i would drop and no one would order. if i did get any orders it would probably be about 2 or 5 at the most.

when pK passed away in 2016 i gave up on making clothes for a minute.. almost a year. i just didn't feel like myself anymore. i didn't want to create. i didn't even want to be alive. that part of my life is hard for me to remember or maybe i just don't want to. i don't really know what inspired me to start making clothes again. maybe it was my friend james asking me to make him a 1 of 1 tee for his photoshoot. i really didn't want to make the tee for him at first, but when i made the shirt for him it reminded me why i love making clothes. looking back at the shirt now i think its trash but maybe if i never had james in my corner asking me to make him the shirt i wouldn't even be here right now.

i love you forever james ++


sep 26, 2022

1:14 pm

i'm happy i'm alive. 


sep 30, 2022

2:30 am

i want to give up but if i did my momma would never forgive me.

public is bigger than me.


oct 1st, 2022

2:42 pm 

so much i want to say but life is better for me when i shut the fuck up.


oct 22, 2022 


i miss you. </3


nov 2, 2022


why is my life so weird right now?????


dec 11, 2022

1:10 am

if you believe in me i love you.

i haven't been writing on here lately because i've been going through the motion. i'm trying to figure out how to get myself off auto pilot. 


jan 07, 2023

6:57 am

i'll be 25 next month.

i don't feel like i've ever just lived life 100% just for myself. the beginning of my life was dedicated to sports until i fell in love with fashion. i didn't hate basketball but it was never something i truly was passionate about. i stopped liking basketball in middle school but i kept playing because it was the only time i would really see my mom and dad together at the same time. 

before pK passed away she told me she really wanted me to go to college. she was so happy when I got into clark. she opened my acceptance letter for me and had the biggest smile on her face when she was reading the letter. i only went there for her. i never wanted to go to school. 

i push myself to make public the best brand it can be not for myself but to take care of my family. i don't really care about myself. everything i do is for the people i love. 


aug 24, 2023

this probably is one of the worst years of my life.

pray for me please.


mar 24, 2024

i hate when bitches think!

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